Who is Claudio Gutierrez?

Today, Claudio Gutierrez is a highly sought-after Engineering and Project Management Consultant known for his unique ability to excite, engage and motivate multidisciplinary team members with his simple, yet powerful transformational project management method. Claudio has been described as being “driven by knowledge and experience with extreme attention to detail’. He’s been highlighted by a number of Houston and Dallas publications as an up-and-coming force in the continuous improvement world and his diligence and reputation has garnered him business all across the country. Not one to be limited to just one industry, in addition to the oil & gas market, he has made impressive inroads into the wholesale distribution, emergency housing, and food & beverage world. Claudio is also well-known in the Houston business community, where he regularly contributes to hosting, participating, and sponsoring key events for local business leaders and the Engineering community.


Where it Began

But Claudio’s story didn’t begin assessing and advising companies. It started like the career of a typical engineer, from designer to applications engineer to director of engineering to a high-level capital projects manager. One of Claudio’s career highlights was to maintain profitability within the business unit he was responsible for at an electrical cable manufacturer during the oil downturn of 2015. In 2018, Claudio took the leap to start his own firm, launching Valens Project Consulting, with the goal of becoming the best project management partner for the engineering, fabrication, distribution, and manufacturing firms state-wide.


Claudio’s experience as an entrepreneur and business owner who has successfully improved companies’ performances has led him to devote his time to Valens Project Consulting. What started as simply offering done-for-you services quickly expanded into a full-service consulting agency. Using his efficiency principles, Claudio and his team lead clients step-by-step through the process of identifying areas of improvement and transforming their companies, saving costs and doubling productivity.


While Claudio isn’t leading Valens, he is enjoying music and the arts and is very active in the Houston Arts community. Whenever time permits, Claudio can be found at his grand piano working on classical sonatas and composing his own works.


What People Say

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