Semper Fi Fabrication

Aaron Torres

President — Semper Fi Fabrication

Claudio Gutierrez is an experienced professional with a unique talent of effectively conveying project milestones and strategic methods in achieving them. Looking forward to expanding our business relationship into a brighter tomorrow.”

Project Budget


Project Description

Development of engineering design and calculation for the fabrication of a battery of 14 storage tanks to be built in Arizona. Usage of the tanks include firefighting water storage, used motor oil storage, ultra low-sulfur diesel storage, asphalt storage, caustic soda storage, diesel storage, connate water storage, oil storage, and distilled motor oil storage.


Engineering deliverables consist of preliminary manufacturer’s design calculations and structural loads for foundation design, preliminary general arrangement drawings with complete material specification, preliminary detailed fabrication drawings.


Phases 2, 3, and 4 of engineering deliverables to be executed upon project being awarded to Semper Fi, including site visits and commissioning support, as needed.