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Networking with Heart: Building Genuine Business Relationships

Networking often gets a bad rap as a forced, insincere endeavor. But it doesn’t ...
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Conquering Tight Deadlines Without Compromising Quality: 5 Strategies for Success

Facing a tight deadline? The pressure’s on, but compromising quality isn’t an option. Here ...
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The Distraction Devils: Taming the Top 3 Project Management Foes

The world of project management is a battleground. Deadlines loom like deadlines, emails ping ...
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Lessons from Past Project Managers: Bruce D. Henderson

At Valens, we actively share our knowledge and lessons learned from the best project ...
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8 Turbo Tricks to Work Faster and Smarter: Your Productivity Toolkit

Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? Drowning in a sea of emails and deadlines? ...
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10 Career-Crushing Behaviors for Project Managers

Project management is a high-wire act, requiring a perfect blend of technical expertise, leadership ...
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