Why Project Management Services

The importance of project planning cannot be overstated. Projects are often complex and involve numerous stakeholders, so having a dedicated project management resource to lead the initiative and keep everyone on the same page is critical to project success. Without careful management, a project can quickly get off track before it has even begun.

How Valens Project Consulting Can Support You

With a combined team experience of over 50 years, from various backgrounds and disciplines, our project management experts are uniquely positioned to approach your ongoing projects relying on industry best practices and the latest trends and technologies.

Tools and Techniques We Implement

We’re fortunate that powerful tools and best practices in the project management world have been codified and improved on for over a century, so we’re certainly very familiar with the vast majority of them, which means that we’re ready to approach a project using the ones that would make the most difference quickly. The specifics, of course, would be tailored per project, but we would immediately use:

Gantt Charts – For a quick, easy to understand visual reference that can be understood by all team members regardless of their background

Value Stream Mapping – To visualize, analyze, and improve pain points in the product delivery process

Various Root Cause Analysis Tools – To quickly identify, isolate, and improve inefficiencies that are keeping your organization from being as efficient as it could be

Trend Charts – To understand where you’re organization is going based on where it’s been