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Benefits of Being ISO-Certified

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Claudio Gutierrez

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Achieving ISO quality management certification can be a huge advantage for your company, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and a higher level of customer satisfaction. It is important to realize that ISO has the power to impact your entire business, not only your operations, but also your sales and marketing, your strategic planning, and the engagement of your employees.


Here are five benefits of being ISO-certified.


Control Your Business Better

Monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and evaluating the effectiveness of your quality management system are ISO requirements. As a result, you will be able to measure your performance and see where you need to improve. You can use these tools to gain insight into your business and make better decisions.


Besides creating a stronger, more efficient and productive company today, ISO can also make your business more attractive to buyers when it comes time for you to sell, if that’s the end-goal. But even if selling your company is not a priority, having a good control of your business is attractive not only to investors, but also to customers.


Recognize Opportunities and Risks

There is no better way to resolve quality issues than to prevent them from arising in the first place. As a way to achieve this goal, ISO 9001, the popular quality management standard that you should follow, asks you to identify and control any potential risks which may threaten your business in an organized manner. As a result of risk-based thinking, there are less surprises, better planning, more effective decision-making, and better relationships with suppliers, customers, and employees as a result of this approach.


When we help companies with their ISO certification, we sit down and think about the things that have gone wrong historically and we try to prevent those things from happening. That way, we reduce the likelihood of things going wrong in the first place.


At the same time, ISO asks you to look for opportunities for your business and consider how to take advantage of them in an organized fashion.


Make Your Marketing and Sales Efforts More Effective

Consider how many times in recent years you have seen companies promoting their ISO certification in advertising, on their website or even on a banner outside their building to inform people about their certification. As an internationally recognized quality management system, achieving ISO certification will not only help you with your marketing efforts but will also increase your sales in the future. As a matter of fact, many large companies require the ISO certification of their suppliers. In addition, certification can be particularly important if you want to be able to enter foreign markets in the future.


ISO Certification is definitely something to brag about!


Prevent Recurrence of Problems

Often, businesses repeat the same mistakes over and over again because they don’t have a method to record and correct problems as they occur, leading to repeated mistakes. Having a clean record of problems, determining their root causes, and finding lasting solutions are all required as part of ISO standards. As a result, there is less waste, better quality, and lower costs as a result of this process.


Boost Employee Performance

There is a great deal of improvement in employee morale when employees know that you are committed to eliminating waste and producing the best products and services possible. Besides being a quality standard, ISO also requires you to define tasks (who is responsible for what), eliminate skills gaps in your business and make sure that your employees are aware of your quality policies.


When things are not done in an organized fashion you can see and feel a lot of confusion and doubt for the employees. With ISO, you’re giving people the comfort of a framework in which they can succeed. You’re giving them the tools, the resources, the training to do their jobs well. When things are organized people are going to be happier and they’re going to want to do better.


In Conclusion

At Valens Project Consulting, we’ve helped dozens of companies in various industries achieve ISO9001 certification. It’s not always a smooth road, but the benefits quickly pay for themselves the ROI on your investment is almost immediate. Feel free to schedule your free assessment and get an edge over your competitors by obtaining this valuable certification.


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  1. It’s a good thing you pointed out that ISO can help businesses become more attractive to both investors and customers since it results in improved efficiency, productivity, and a higher level of customer satisfaction. I’ll be running a startup company next year, and since I’m still looking for investors, I was considering having the business ISO-certified. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for ISO and PECB training courses to take.

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