How can Six Sigma improve your persona life?

Six Sigma in Your Personal Life

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Claudio Gutierrez

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Six Sigma is widely used by companies the world over to improve operations, standardize practices, create a culture of quality, encourage a mindset of continuous improvement, and ultimately increase profits. It’s an impressive set of tools that has shown to be extremely adaptable and effective across many industries. The Six Sigma toolset is so powerful and versatile, that it can easily be applied to your personal life. In fact, you can start seeing results almost immediately.


But how can you apply it to your life?



First of all, Six Sigma exists within the framework of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), and once you realize this, you’ll discover that everyone is using Six Sigma in their lives, knowingly or unknowingly. But if you’re aware of the theory of this methodology, you’re more likely to use these tools as efficiently as possible to achieve your goals.


For instance, let’s look at a visit to the doctor with a DMAIC mindset. I’ll highlight the Six Sigma tools at play throughout the example.


  • Define: Describe the ailment to the doctor (similar to defining the problem statement in DMAIC project).
  • Measure: Physical observation (Gemba – go see) and medical tests recommended by the doctor (similar to data collection in measure phase of DMAIC project).
  • Analyze: Analysis of the data collected through result of test reports and physical observation (similar to data and process door analysis in DMAIC projects) by the doctor.
  • Improve: Prescription given by the doctor to get medication and the person buys the medicines and starts consuming then as advised (similar to solution identification and implementation).
  • Control: Doctor will tell the person to have controlled diet depending on the ailment and will ask them to monitor few vitals like fever, sugar and blood pressure, etc… (similar to control phase of a DMAIC project in which control plan and control charts on significant causes are created).


A very efficient visit…



A more practical and immediate example of how Six Sigma tools can help you is with some good old fashioned spring cleaning in your home. Look no further than 5S – the Six Sigma tool used to keep production workspace orderly.


The process is pretty much self-explanatory:


  • Sort – get rid of anything that isn’t needed
  • Straighten – find a place for everything that’s left
  • Shine – keep the space clean
  • Standardize – put procedures in place to maintain cleanliness (e.g. make sure you put things back where you found them!)
  • Sustain – review regularly to make sure the process is working


Example of before and after pictures of a successful 5S project!


In Conclusion

I can personally attest that being aware of these tools and actually using them has made my life more organized. I’m much more efficient with finances, grocery consumption, time estimates, and even a better human being. In the future, I’ll go into more detailed examples of how Six Sigma can improve your life, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out if this is a topic that interests you. Set up a free assessment with us and unleash your potential both at work and in your personal life! Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates on how we help support our customers.

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