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Transparency in Day to Day Operations

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Claudio Gutierrez

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In today’s hyper-connected business world, even companies with the smallest headcounts can find themselves engaged in complex projects with new team members halfway around the world. This, of course, is a blessing of the wonderful technological leaps and bounds we’ve experienced in the last few decades, but it opens the door to basic human curiosity about what’s going on behind all those doors. And this is where transparency is of utmost importance in an organization.


Project transparency is essential for inter-team accountability. Tasks that team members must finish before dependent activities can begin are easily identified and prepared for… and keep everyone on their toes! But besides engendering a sense of accountability, there are many other benefits to transparency in the business world. Here, for instance, are just three benefits of adopting operational transparency in your organization:


It’s Conducive to Innovation


We’ve all heard the phrase “The sum is greater than its parts”, and when it comes to transparency it can be the difference between a bunch of good looking nuts and screws and their integration into a rocket. Without collaboration, many ideas are left on the table, and transparency is key to that. Breaking away from knowledge-hoarding—which can be a serious issue, especially at organizations where longer-tenured employees harbor lots of institutional knowledge—helps employees collaborate and solve problems more effectively.

When day to day operations are transparent, everyone benefits!
It Improves Relationships With Customers


Dozens and dozens of studies show that when it comes to gaining the trust and loyalty of customers, the more transparent a company is, the more loyal the customer base will be. Customers may feel as if they’re part of the process or like they’re privy to certain insider knowledge, that’s why many companies give their client base first dibs to newer versions of their products. It also gives many a sigh of relief that the company is doing things the right way, as ESG has become the latest trend to touch the business world. So unless you’re Apple or Tesla, working under total secrecy will most likely backfire.


Your Organization Receives More Feedback


Just like being active on Twitter (follow us here!) seems like an invitation for customers and the public in general to engage with a company, in the same manner does operational transparency invite more feedback, and that is worth gold not just to marketing teams, but to engineers and product managers looking to improve their products. If at tradeshows you get a chance to give customers insights into your products or operations, people will spread the word about what an innovative operation you’re running. So, invite more feedback by being more forthcoming about your activities and you’ll be well on the road to a better version of your products and services!


Final Thoughts


At Valens Project Consulting, we understand that genius sometimes happens in a vacuum, but giving those geniuses the ability to publish their insights and cooperate with others is beneficial all around, from individual team members to stakeholders responsible for the business. We leverage our extensive expertise in transparent communication and cooperation to help all of our customers, so reach out for a free operational assessment and let us help you maximize the value of transparency within your operations!


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