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Steps for Fabricators and Manufacturers to Optimize Operations

Picture of Claudio Gutierrez

Claudio Gutierrez

President & Founder — Valens Project Consulting

Make your next project more efficient, cost-effective, and smoother with this bulletproof strategy


Subpar shop drawings, missed details, not adhering to industry codes, and lack of proper project management skills are just a few of the unfortunately common things that will sink a project.


As head of a project management and engineering consulting firm, my entire business is based on helping fabricators, manufacturers, and industrial distributors produce accurate and easy-to-understand production drawings (to avoid errors in production) and optimize their process workflows.


After three years in this role plus double digits working in the engineering field myself, I see the problems and the solutions clearly. Here are the nine steps I believe fabricators, manufacturers, and industrial distributors can follow to significantly improve their engineering projects.


  1. Hire a competent and trustworthy partner to oversee the projects
  2. Calculate your financial expenses carefully
  3. Formal project planning and forecasting (to avoid bottlenecks and manage stakeholder expectations, among other things)
  4. Implement six-sigma methodologies for process improvement
  5. Apply lean manufacturing principles for waste reduction
  6. Optimize workflow processes
  7. Commit to building a culture of quality and continuous improvement
  8. Get high-quality production drawings
  9. Invest in professional design portfolios and renderings (for presentations and ease of presenting ideas)


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