The Three Top Reasons to Reduce Cycle Time

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Claudio Gutierrez

President & Founder — Valens Project Consulting


The name of the game these days is “efficiency”. To be able to get more done with less resources is the ultimate goal of world-class companies and it lets us leverage the one finite resource that we can never have enough of: time. So, with that in mind, many companies today decide to focus on Cycle Time Reduction as a key way to produce more in less amount of time. But what other advantages are there to a reduction in Cycle Time? Here are the top three reasons why CTR is of utmost importance going into 2022:


Higher Productivity

The ability to reduce production cycle times is pivotal in turning out higher volume. It stands to reason that a workforce and assembly assets that produce goods faster can produce more of those goods. Successful CTR typically produces manufacturing improvements that can easily be quantified


Opportunities to Innovate

Especially in high-technology and other cutting-edge markets, the ability to turn out products even days ahead of the competition can be essential. Those companies that reduce production cycle times can provide innovative solutions and meet sooner launch dates. Cutting-edge R&D departments are rendered obsolete if the production cycle is too inefficient to launch products before direct competitors.


Customer Satisfaction

Companies who sell to customers should understand one of the key benefits of reducing cycle times is the ability to achieve a higher customer satisfaction quotient. Shorter time to market empowers salespeople to satisfy customer demands and expectations. Quality providers – especially in the customized products space – understand that swift turnaround time improves customer responsiveness and satisfaction.


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